Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama still whining

I seriously don't understand why this man is whining about not being able to pass his legislation. He has a super majority in the House and the Senate. He doesn't need to Republican's to pass the bill. So why don't they just do that?

Ummm...could it be that Republican's aren't his problem?

Obama's counter-punch, delivered at a meeting of his Organizing for America network of supporters, follows a run of town-hall appearances and speeches, which have seen him mount a stern defense of his health care reform plan, which is facing stiff Republican attacks.

He told backers not to get obsessed with polls, pundits and "cable chatter" but to take aim at what he described as fabrications drummed up by opponents to doom his top domestic priority.

"We are going to have to cut through a lot of nonsense out there," he said.

Obama has no one but himself to blame for this mess. The guy who told us he was going to have the most transparent administration EVAH! has been sneaking and underhanded with this whole deal. There are video's that show him saying, on multiple occassions, how he wants a single payer system to friendly groups...but now says we get to keep our insurance if we want. He still hasn't reconciled those contridictions. Or how about his senior advisor making money off the push for this health care? Or how are we going to pay for this new legislation? I don't believe Obama wants to snuff out grandma, but how is he going to add millions more people onto the dole and keep cost down?

None of these questions have been answered. Obama needs to stop blaming everyone else and start governing.

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