Monday, October 26, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine

From Mark Knoller's twitter:
"Overly rosy." The words this morning of HHS Secy Sebelius on projections of H1N1 flu vaccine production so far.

On the network morning shows, Sebelius conceded delays in getting H1N1 vaccine to all who want it - but says they'll get it "eventually."

Sebelius urges Americans not to be frustrated or discouraged if they can't get H1N1 vaccine, and keep trying. She says the vaccine works.
Soooo... "hang in there", you'll get it "eventually", "don't give up hope", "the government will take care of you".

Gosh...I can't wait until these guys take over the entire health care system. And for those waiting for the vaccine...hope you don't die while waiting.

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Anonymous said...

This frustrates me so much. I am pregnant with twins and all I keep hearing is I need to get vaccinated, well then somebody get some vaccines here in MA so I can get it!