Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiger vs. 12-year-old in a driving contest. Guess who won?

Cool story:
If, as the old joke goes, God wishes he could play golf like Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods may wish he could play golf like twelve-year-old Mark Benevento Jr.

Wait ... what? Who or what is a Mark Benevento Jr.?

Mark is a young man who's about to be famous for all the right (i.e. non-balloon-oriented) reasons. At an event commemorating the opening of The Cliffs at High Carolina, a new Tiger-designed course in Asheville, North Carolina recently, Tiger fired his first two shots into the trees. He then looked out over the crowd and invited anyone to step up and try to outdrive him.

Most everyone in the crowd pulled that routine that you do when you don't know the answer and don't want the teacher to call on you -- looking everywhere but at Tiger, taking an intense interest in the clouds above, suddenly staring at their cell phones, and so on. But one brave soul -- that would be Mark -- stepped up and took his swing. You can see him there in the photo at right, teeing it up under the watchful eye of Tiger, who's wearing the white hat at right. And then, courtesy of NBC Philadelphia, here's what happened next (after the ad, of course):

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