Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ho's on the Campaign Trail

Apparently, President Obama was a hot little number on the campaign trail. Women would grind up next to him, put their phone number in his pocket and get a squeeze of his tushy. Mrs. O wasn't having any of it.
MICHELLE Obama gave her husband the silent treatment at one point in his campaign for president because so many women "pushed their bodies up against his, slipped phone numbers into his pockets" and whispered lewd suggestions in his ear, a new book out today claims.

In "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage" (William Morrow), Christopher Andersen reports, "On more than one occasion, Barack tried not to look startled when some random woman in the crowd would grasp him firmly by the derriere -- and sometimes try to hold on."

After an appearance in Peoria, Ill., the future president slid into the back of his SUV, and allegedly said, "Jesus, I wish they'd stop grabbing my ass."

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