Sunday, September 20, 2009

President Obama Has Told Gov Paterson To Drop His Re-election Campaign

President Obama has asked Gov. Paterson of NY not to run for re-election because his approval ratings are so low and it could bring down the Democratic Party and increase the chances that Guiliani runs.

The Obama administration sent the message through White House political affairs director Patrick Gaspard, who met with the governor at his campaign headquarters for nearly two hours last Monday, according to a source with knowledge of the conversation.

"They expressed concern about his chances about being reelected and the likelihood his presence in the race made it more likely that Rudy Giuliani would enter the contest," the source said. "The preference is that he not run. That message was conveyed directly."

The bombshell meeting between Paterson and Gaspard occurred the same day President Obama was in New York City to deliver a Wall Street address - a speech Paterson was not invited to, according to several sources.

Michael Steele was asked about it today on Face the Nation and his response is Priceless.

Looks like Alinsky Rule #4

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