Monday, September 28, 2009

U.S. Commander of Afghanistan only talked to Obama once

Apparently, Gen. McChrystal is not aware that President Obama has 6 very important press conferences to give and is busy trying to get Chicago the 2012 Olympics. He really can't be bothered right now.

The military general credited for capturing Saddam Hussein and killing the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq says he has only spoken to President Obama once since taking command of Afghanistan.

“I’ve talked to the president, since I’ve been here, once on a VTC [video teleconference],” General Stanley McChrystal told CBS reporter David Martin in a television interview that aired Sunday.

“You’ve talked to him once in 70 days?” Mr. Martin followed up.

“That is correct,” the general replied.

This revelation comes amid the explosive publication of an classified report written by the general that said the war in Afghanistan “will likely result in failure” if more troops are not added next year. Yet, the debate over health care reform continues to dominate Washington’s political discussions and other issues. On Monday morning the White House announced President Obama will travel to Denmark on Thursday to lobby the Intternational Olympic Committee to select his hometown of Chicago for the 2016 summer games.

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