Thursday, September 3, 2009

Man's Finger Bitten Off in Scuffle at Health Care Rally

OH Lord, I'm sure we will hear about this non-stop since the guy was from the anti-Obamacare side.

Bit off his finger? Really?
A 65 year old man had his finger bitten off Wednesday evening at a health care rally in Thousand Oaks, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's investigators were called to Hillcrest and Lynn Road at 7:26 p.m.

About 100 protesters sponsored by were having a rally supporting health care reform. A group of anti-health care reform protesters formed across the street.

When someone from the pro-reform side crossed over to the anti-reform side, a fist fight ensued, which resulted in the man's pinky finger getting bitten off.

It's believed the man was on the anti-health care reform side.

He took his finger and walked to Los Robles hospital for treatment.

Police don't know who bit the man's finger off, but they're investigating the incident.

UPDATE: The man who got his finger bit off was protesting against Obamacare. The guy who bit his finger off was with MoveOn. Apparently, the guy who got his finger bit off punched the guy who bit his finger off. Mayhem.

Also, worth noting.....not much from MSM about the man getting his finger bit off. I'm sure that would be different if it was a pro-Obamacare person who had the missing finger.

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