Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rich People are NUTS!

Candy Spelling let her dog pick her real estate agent:
When I heard Candy Spelling let her dog Madison pick the real estate agent who’d handle the sale of her $150 million Hollywood mansion, I discovered the real story’s even wackier! According to my source, agents were trotted in to meet Candy and Madison, who snootily rejected each one – until the pooch finally barked approval of a lady agent.

Wait! It gets better:
After congratulating her, Candy confided that the idea of letting Madison choose an agent was actually suggested by Aaron Spelling’s ghost! Candy says the minute she made the decision to sell, her deceased producer/hubby materialized and pitched the idea of making it Madison’s choice.

I think my dog is channeling Michael Jackson...he keeps doing the Thriller dance in the kitchen.

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