Monday, June 22, 2009

Crips and the Bloods

UPDATE: Thanks to Ace for the link (I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball) and welcome to my pathetic little blog.

It appears Perez Hilton got is
butt kicked by the Black Eyed Peas and tweeted for others to call the police for him. But Will. I. Am. has a video up talking about how positive he is and how he was just performing and got an award.

He went to an after party where he was DJing. Fergie went up Perez and asked if he has a problem with her, he said no. And then...he HURT HER FEELINGS.

Will.I.Am got all emotional because Fergie was emotional and then they were emotional together. Then W.I.A asked if Perez wouldn't mind not being rude and disrespectful, all nice and polite like W.I.A is all the time. AND THEN...Perez said he doesn't respect W.I.A. and W.I.A was all like "whaaaaaat?' Then Perez called W.I.A. a faggot when W.I.A. was minding his own business because it's all just opinions because music is all just opinions. And the fans were all "*&#^$" and the fans get all crazy and started stuff with Perez. It was a good night but ended kinda crazy.

Perez has his own video up and he is speaking as Mario Somebody and says what happened to him, happened to a human being and it shouldn't have happened to anyone. It should have happened to Miss California but not him (ok - maybe he didn't say that). Violence is NEVER the answer and blood should never be drawn and another person should never be hit, that is how people die. And the Peas manager should have hit Miss California because she says gay people shouldn't be married (again, not sure if that is exactly what he said).

Perez went to rehearsals for some award show and Fergie came up to him and asked why he was hating and Miss California was like, "yeah, why you such a hater" and Perez said he can dish and and can take it (I think he is talking about the hating here, but not sure. It could be some gay double speak). So he's dishing and taking and he will let people have their moment and he can say uglies about others and then lets them have their moment cuz he's cool like that. Then W.I.A goes and makes a video and HE IS A LIAR!!! W.I.A IS A COWARD!!!! AND A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING FOR LYING!!! Mario Somebody would never ask for the publicity because he is super famous and doesn't need it. He also didn't ask for this. He likes exploiting other people but doesn't like being exploited. He said that..he likes to exploit other people but really doesn't like it when it's done to him. Maybe not in those words, but it was between the lines.

Perez was asked in an after show interview if there was any drama during the show and Perez said there was an "agro moment" (yeah, I don't know ...that's what he said) where the Peas entourage pushed him and he was over it. Then he went to an afterparty and Fergie came up to him and said something and he said something and the album was stupid and she was upset about being Fugly. Then Perez left the party and partied somewhere else and then got ready to leave and W.I.A came after him with his heat seeking missile (hee hee...could make a gay joke, but I will refrain)and got in his face about never writing about his band and Perez says he will try really hard. He really will try hard, really. But Perez's voice in his head said, "nah uh...he is a faggot and he needs to be disrespected" and then the voice projected out of his mouth, like vomit ...only with words. Then a Peas entourage punched him in the face and he was BLEEDING!! BLEEDING!! CALL THE COPS BEFORE HE DIES BLEEDING! HURRY, HIS EYE IS FALLING OUT OF HIS HEAD!

He can't believe how someone could do this. This is so UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL. I mean first the Peas ask him a question and he was just answering it honestly. Then they go all online with a video and stuff calling him a stupid b*tch and how they deserve to lose because they are so stupid and so b*tchy. I mean, that is just UNPROFESSIONAL. What were the Peas thinking? GAWD!

GOD knows what happened and God is so on Perez's side. A random fan DIDN'T hit him and he wishes W.I.A. had hit him, but it was the manager. Then W.I.A. follows him to the hotel and Perez got scared and he called the police (I think his tweets prove different..but whatever). So he calls the police because W.I.A. is black and must have a gun and Perez doesn't want to be TuPac. And the police said they would try and make it but they were busy and Perez was scared. It was the manager who hit him and Perez took it to twitter because he was scared and wanted to make sure this all played on on the public scene in case he died of a gun shot wound just like Biggie. But Biggie didn't have twitter so the public didn't get to play along in his death and Biggie knows who shot him and he could have told us as it was happening if only he had twitter. Perez wants to make sure his side of the story is told. Because after he dies, he can't twitter anymore and how would anyone know his story? And he thanks everyone who called the police for him and from the bottom of his heart, he is so thankful. Because he is a human being and because violence is never the answer and he doesn't need the press and God is looking down on the Peas and he might pee on them. And Perez doesn't deserve what happened to him. He has no respect for any of you and Fergie is Fugly.

Oooooh, it is AWN now. IT. IS. SO. AWN!

It's like the Blood and the Crips...or West Side Story.

Yeah, the West Side Story ...which has music, respect, dancing, a gay guy, hitting, and love. Will Tony ( and Maria (Perez) be together again or is it not meant to be and they will have to kill each other for their love? I can't wait to find out how this ends. I'm going to check my tweets right now.

boy, kimiposh was right, unemployment IS fun. I would have totally missed out on this catfight if I had a job.


Anonymous said...

""agro moment" (yeah, I don't know ...that's what he said)"

Thats a term that World of Warcraft users use for when you cause nough damage all of the enemies onscreen attack you.

Whiny assed bitch is probably Alliance too.

Krystle Sullivan said...

I wonder if being cuckoo is a requirement for someone to become a Hollywood star. That world is crazy, dawg.

w3bgrrl said...

First, it's like I was there, your summary, so thanks for that. And B, I can skip watching Mario which is always great.

He's such an angry person you'd think he has Mommy issues, but then he's such a hypocrite like Mommy was always telling him how wonderful he is and those mean boys don't deserve to be his friend. I don't know. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

What was he expecting when he dissed a rap star?

The gaytard probably would play alliance in WoW, considering they are all 12 years old, single mothers, and gaytards.