Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

I just passed by the TV and Joe Jackson is on giving a press conference. He was talking about his record company and all the "great artist" he is managing that have records coming out.

It's nice to have a father promote himself in your time of death. I have asked my dad that when I die, I want him to give a press conference to tell the world about his work on alien autopsies and his relationships with the creatures from beyond. I think my death would be a great opportunity for Pops to educate the world on the Supernatural.

The world needs to know. Just like the world needs to know about all of Joe Jackson's great artist that have records coming out.

UPDATE: Fox News has overview of what was said at this news conference. Even Fox noticed Jo Jackson plugging his record company. He said the funeral will be open to the public. I bet he charges admission to the funeral.

I want one of those purple gorilla's.

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