Monday, June 8, 2009

It's not unemployment, It's FUNemployment

So I am reading this article about how people who are getting laid off are embracing unemployment...calling it FUNemployment.

It seems that Kimi Yoshino has some pampered friends that just lost their jobs...and life is grand and glorious. You don't need to worry about a job... use this time to enjoy yourself....take some time for ME.

Worrying about bills is for losers.

So Kimi has a friend, Michael Von Gorkom who was laid of from Yahoo in April and at first was worried about being unemployed. Mikey now he realizes that employment is for morons and making money to pay your bills is for the little folks. See Mikey can still order himself a new couch, even though he doesn't have a job and no income coming in. If fact, Mikey spends his time at the beach and has some margarita's.

Mikey should be sure to put that on his profile.

Kimiposh (I noticed Kimi uses "posh" a lot in her articles...henceforth, she will be known as Kimiposh)....So Kimiposh's next enlightened friend is Aubrey Howell. Aubrey believes she has been given the gift of time and clarity.

I would like to give Aubrey the gift of shut and up.

Kimiposh then treats us to the twittering tweets of twits such as "Funemployment road trip to Portland." "Funemployment is great for catching up on reading!" "Averaging 3 rounds of golf a week plus hockey and bball. who needs work?" That's right, baby. Who needs work when there's bball to be played?

Kimiposh then goes on to tell us "experts" say "it's both a reflection of the country's cultural narcissism -- and attitudes of entitlement and self-centeredness -- and a backlash against corporate America and its "Dilbert"-like work environment". Me thinks Kimiposh should venture out of LA for a wee bit and she will find that not everyone is as narcissistic as she. Because we know that when she says "expert", she is talking of herself and projecting on the culture which she inhabits.

Of course, she did find a professor to tell us, "Recession gives people permission to be unemployed". That is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I got laid off. I was looking for someone to give me permission to be unemployed and when my former employer told me it was due to the recession, a window opened.

I am so thankful for this recession. If we are lucky (fingers crossed), we can spin this recession into a depression and throw ourselves a big ol' party! Bball, golf, and hockey for everyone!

So back to Kimiposh's friends....Amanda Rounsaville quit her job as a program officer at the California Endowment in late March. This, of course, was after she found a certain peace on her trek through Mongolia living in a $3/night tent thingy called a Ger. Mandy had to go to Mongolia and sleep in a Ger to find peace? Can't she head out to Alabama, pitch a tent in Bubba's backyard and get the same effect? Surely, studying the indigenous peoples of the Alabamas can bring the same enlightened experience as those of the Mongolian kind. yeah, maybe?

Next is Nina Flores (I see Kimiposh has sprinkled in a little diversity amongst her circle of friends) who has developed a new way of thinking and is looking for something that doesn't have the 9to5 feel to it - apparently her previous job did not give her the "feelings" she was looking for, so she quit. She wants a job with lots of flexibility and tons of vacation. Nina said her decision to quit her job was "met by concern and worry by her parents and some friends, but Nina thinks it's partly because they simply can't relate."

Oh they are relating just fine, Nina...they are relating to the fact that you still need money while you are finding your inner peace. And guess who you will be hitting up first when your money runs out? I say, good luck Nina...and let us know how that works out for you.

So anyway.... I have decided to partake in some of this FUNemployment Kimiposh speaks of. I will be going in search of my inner peace, play some bball, golf and hockey. But most of all, I want to be Deemer.

Deemer - Deemer, Deemer, Deemer....Deemer the Dreamer. Deemer sold all his crap and is "currently embarked on a spiritual quest to find various mystics and shamans around Asia". He has been to see a fortuneteller in Myanmar and a tarot card reader in Thailand, and spent a few days with Saffron Revolution monks near the Thailand-Myanmar border. Then Deemer went in search of a reindeer-herding shaman in.....MONGOLIA! (What is it with the Mongolia? Kimiposh sure does have a lot of Mongolian dwelling friends).

Deemer found his shaman...wearing tight jeans, a glittery purple sweater and a rhinestone headband.

I told you...could of just gone to Alabama.

Kimiposh is right...unemployment is fun!

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