Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun at Krogers

So I went to Krogers to pick up some water and toilet paper and the place was pretty empty of customers. The clerk was talking to the stock boy about doing something after work. I heard all about how they were going to get "Diamond" and "bump" over to Pauly's and play some pool. I ask the clerk if she wouldn't mind ringing me up. She looked over at me with that look ... you know the look....the look you give someone who rudely interrupts you. Didn't say a word to me...turned back around and continued talking to the stock boy.

So I started looking for someone else to check me out. Couldn't find anyone, so I went back to my lane and asked the girl again if she could check me out. I even told her I would immediately leave and she and stock boy could chat it up uninterrupted. She said...and I quote, "Lady, can't you see we talkin'...I be wichu in a minute".

Really, Sunshine? You'll be with me in a minute? Is that the whole 60 seconds or are we going based on a rough estimation?

I continue to look around for someone else...deduct this chick isn't a manager and there has to be a manager around somewhere. I have decided by now that I really need a manager...because now I want to complain. (see, when I was employed..I didn't have time for stopping and complaining. But now? I got all the time in the world, precious!)

I see no manager so I walked over to the intercom phone...picked it up and said over the store, "Would a manager please come to Lane 3. The clerk here won't check me out and I am tired of waiting".

so this little bitty guy who can't be more than 12 years old comes marching down the aisle ...with FIERCE MEANING and starts yelling at ME!, you read that right. ME! Apparently, company policy says that customers ARE NOT TO USE THE INTERCOM. I explained to him that I don't work there so I would not be aware of company policy and if an actual employee of Kroger's would have checked me out, I would have no need to use the intercom.

Does anyone who works with the public understand customer service? I bet little manager is friends with Phil and Stevie.

Kimiposh is right...unemployment is fun!


pigbook1 said...

I know it seems overkill, etc, but honestly look up their website and submit a complaint. So annoying. I worked at a chain drugstore and I loved it becuase my boss actually cared about the customer "experience". We were not allowed to chew gum, we were allowed to chitchat if there were no customers in line, but I can honestly say that if someone in my store had acted like that they would have been fired on the spot. no questions asked. He was a great guy but it was clear what our job was and we were expected to do it (and this was only 3 years ago)

Rambling Rants said...

I already did. It is nice to hear someone still cares about customer service. It seems lately I have been getting nothing but grief. Or maybe I have just noticed it more.