Monday, June 29, 2009

I hope Perez Hilton has a better week

Andrew Briebert has an article about the whole Perez kurfuffle. If you missed the happenings of last week, here they are:

1. Perez got into a fight with and he called a "faggot"
2.'s manager punched him in the face
3. Perez took to the internet to cry about his ordeal.
4. GLADD demanded an apology from Perez for his gay slur - which he didn't really give, but did manage to compliment himself a couple of times.
5. Perez said he was going to sue the Peas manager and donate the money to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which fights against violence towards gays.
6. The Matthew Shepard Foundation rejected his offer because he engaged in the behavior they fight against.

It sucks to be Perez. Now if only someone would flush this little turd down the toilet.

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