Monday, June 22, 2009


Ok - I just got into a fight with the trash guy - actually, a one-sided fight. A couple of weeks ago, he refused to take the extra bags of trash that were laying next to the trash cans. He kept pointing to the trash cans and saying, "no mas, no mas".

Every time the trash man comes, I have to pick up the trail of trash they leave behind on the driveway. (they take the trash cans and empty them into a larger trash can). So today, I was outside when the trash dude showed up. I pointed out the trash that fell out of the trash can as he was emptying it into his larger trash can. I was trying to tell him that he needed to pick up the trash that falls out of the trash can when he is dumping it into his bigger one. He just kept shaking his head no and wagging his finger at me.

I was arguing with someone who speaks no English. What do you think the chances of him picking up his mess on Thursday are?

Kimiposh was right, unemployment IS fun. I wouldn't get to argue with the non-English speaking trash man if I was employed. I would be at work when he came.

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