Saturday, June 27, 2009

Journalist are morons

This is the stupidest thing I have read in awhile. Some journalist with the Concord Monitor has uncovered a conspiracy theory. A scary, watch out the bogeyman is gonna get you, true blue conspiracy theory.

The conspiracy is about Michelle Obama's garden. Apparently, to these theorist in the know (two in total), the vegatables are fake..and how does Susan Reimer know about this conspiracy? She read it in the comments section of her Gardening blog. Seriously, a couple of people on her blog wrote something about the vegetables being fake so she sets out to look for other "examples" of Republicans being mean to Mrs. O.

My favorite quote from the article?

My own nephew (he is a Republican) sent me a text message saying, "There's no way those are the same plants. If they are, then I'm moving to D.C. and starting a farm and raking it in."

Really? Your Republican nephew believes it? Well, that settles it. All Republicans must believe the garden is a fake...because I am sure your nephew is a clear representative of all Republicans.

Ms. Reimer states in her article that this conspiracy was borne in the feeds from the Drudge Report and "Obama watch- dog" blogs. She didn't list the Obama watch-dog blogs, but I did look for the conspiracy theory in the Drudge Report...and the only thing I could find alluding to the Drudge Report and the garden being fake was a post on HER blog.

Ms Reimer states on her blog, "Matt Drudge, editor of the blog Drudge Report, has posted a pair of before-and-after photos of the White House kitchen garden which seem to suggest that the garden couldn't have grown so much between April and June."

Here is a screencap of the Drudge Report:

I didn't infer the same thing she did. I don't see this as criticism of Michelle O's garden. I see it as a compliment of her gardening skills. But...decide for yourself. Besides, wasn't the harvest supposed to be this month?

My second favorite quote:
But I am a liberal feminist gardener, so of course I can't be objective.
This is an example of someone who takes their politics waaaaaay too personal.

Journalist are morons.

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