Monday, June 15, 2009

In vitro Gone Wild

This story brings a whole new dimension to the abortion debate.

A couple had their embryo's frozen and when they went in to have the LAST one implanted, the clinic accidentally implanted it in the wrong woman. When that woman found out she had the wrong embryo in her, she had the fetus aborted.

So the couple is left with no more embryo's with which to have a child. They sued the clinic and received $50,000 for their loss. That is outrageous!!! $50,000? That's it? Really? The clinic was clearly negligent and should have to dole out more than $50,000. Apparently since the embryo wasn't born yet and not considered a human, the couple didn't get much. Interesting....

Also interesting...and timely (since Obama is speaking to the AMA today about healthcare reform), the author of the linked article doesn't think the government should be paying for in vitro to begin with.

I don't know...if you have socialized medicine, should in vitro be incuded?

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