Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Dysfunctional Family Businesses

According to this article, 80% of businesses in the US are family owned...and it is not good for family values. And to illustrate the point, the author of the article puts the following people up as examples:

  1. The Hiltons
  2. The Dasslers - Adidas vs Puma
  3. The Hogans
  4. The Spellings
  5. The Guccis
  6. The Gucciones
  7. The Murdochs
  8. The Redstones
  9. The Pritzkers - Hyatt hotels
  10. The Bronfmans
That sounds about right. With 80% of businesses being family business, I would imagine the overwhelming majority of them are attention seeking fame whores of the Hilton, Hogan, and Spelling variety. I have to say...this is definitely an accurate representation of the the American family...even though some of the families on the list aren't American. Shhhh..... don't tell Minyanville.

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