Friday, July 10, 2009

You asked for it, You got it. Obamacare

Mickey Kaus points out the obvious:
Health care reformers are clearly spooked by the notion that they could be accused of denying, for example, hip surgery to an 80-year-old. If so, they largely have themselves to blame. They brought it up! It wasn't the Republicans who billed health care reform as a cost saving, budget-balancing measure that would start to deny payments for treatments deemed "ineffective," or (as one acolyte put it) when "a person's life, or health, is not worth the price." And to think when they heard that people started to worry about rationing! Fancy that.
I don't understand how the Obama administration plans to implement a health care system just like Canada and UK's, but somehow will run it better. It's like instead of a Health Care Czar, they have a Health Care Fairy.

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