Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slate discovers HuffPo is made up of a bunch of crackpots

Apparently, Rahul K. Parikh, M.D. doesn't believe that enema's will protect you from influenza nor does he believe women develop thyroid disease due to an inability to assert themselves.
As a physician, I am not necessarily opposed to alternative health treatments. But I do want to be responsible and certain that what I prescribe to patients is safe and effective and not a waste of their time and money. A recent Associated Press investigation stated the federal government has spent $2.5 billion of our tax dollars to determine whether alternative health remedies -- including ones promoted on the Huffington Post -- work. It found next to none of them do. The site also regularly grants space to proponents of the thoroughly disproven conspiracy that childhood vaccines have caused autism. In short, the Huffington Post is hardly a site that promotes "a reasoned discussion," in its founder's words, of health and medicine.

Does this mean I have to stop blasting coffee grinds up my butt and quit being a bitch?

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