Friday, July 10, 2009

The Real Reason Palin Resigned

No more guessing why Plain resigned. Ricky Hollywood has spoken.
The former fiance of Gov. Sarah Palin's 18-year-old daughter says he thinks he knows why the Alaska governor is resigning — concerns over money.

...Johnston says he lived with the Palin family from early December to the second week in January. He claims he heard the governor several times say how nice it would be to take advantage of the lucrative deals that were being offered, including a reality show and a book.

...."I think the big deal was the book. That was millions of dollars," said Johnston, who has had a strained relationship with the family but now says things have improved.
Something tells me that "improved relationship" has now gone back to strained.

Johnston made his comments at a news conference Thursday at the office of his attorney, Rex Butler.

Johnston came forward, Butler said, because Alaskans want to know why Palin has decided to resign. She made the announcement last Friday.

Seriously? He held a press conference? I bet he was the first person Palin told. I can't wait to find out what else she told him. Bristol should have taken the car her dad offered her to dump this guy.

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