Monday, July 27, 2009

No Longer Cool to Criticize the President

Remember back in the good ole days when you could criticize the President and the media hailed you as being patriotic? Remember when writing songs about killing the president was when Eminem had a song with the lyrics: "F*ck money, I don't rap for dead presidents. I'd rather see the president dead." And anyone who expressed disgust was "infringing on his First Amendment rights"? 'member?

Or remember when they made movies fantasizing about killing the President? Like the movie, "Death of a President" which had a plot centered around, "Years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, an investigative documentary examines that as-yet-unsolved crime." Hahaha, that was so funny...and griping.

It was all about speaking truth to power, or something.

Or remember all the t-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons about impeaching the president, mocking the president, and making fun of the president? Or what about the funny, hilarious websites that were created to ridicule the president.

Gosh, those were really good times...and PATRIOTIC times!!

Well....times have changed. It is no longer kosher to promote hate towards our president or express a view counter to his. He is to be revered and idolized. Any stepping out of the ranks will not be tolerated.
While protesters rallied in his support, the owner of a Concord Mills kiosk that sells conservative merchandise said he met with the mall's manager Sunday to see what arrangements can be made for him to remain after his lease expires Friday.

Nothing was agreed to, except that the two would meet again Monday, said Loren Spivack, owner of Free Market Warrior.

Spivack has contended that he's being kicked out of the mall for political reasons. He's traced his exile to a letter to the editor in the Charlotte Observer criticizing his business, saying it promotes “ideas such as racism, sexism and even slavery.”

He opened his Free Market Warrior kiosk last spring, selling such items as “Impeach Obama” bumper stickers and baby bibs that say, “My parents chose life. Thanks Mom and Dad!”

Spivack said he's found other stores in the mall selling T shirts and other merchandise with offensive slogans and feels he's being targeted “purely for politic reasons.”

One silver lining...since this controversy has made the news, the guys business has picked up. At least someone is making money in Obamaconomy.

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