Friday, July 10, 2009

Of all the turds, you're the shiniest

Sally Quinn has the most duplicitous article about Governor Palin. It's almost as if she is delusional.
I'd like to know the names of those mean-spirited adults who mocked and ridiculed her special needs child. I don't believe it for a second.
Does she live in a cave? How about here, here, here, here here, here, here, here, here, and here? There's a google search for Trig+retard and you will get 159,000 results.

Remember, Sarah Palin is a right-wing, evangelical Christian for whom "family values" and the role of the mother are paramount. Many right-wing Christians don't believe women should work outside the home. Yet here was Sarah Palin, resigning as the governor of Alaska, for political reasons.

This is not putting your family first. We should not be surprised.

That doesn't even make sense? Quinn says that Palin mentioned in her speech that one of the reasons she was resigning was because of the effect it had on her family, such as making fun of her special needs child - which Quinn acknowledge...but then says she didn't put her family first. What?

This is a woman who accepted the nomination for vice president with a three-months-old special needs child (all studies show that the mother's role in infancy, especially for these children, is crucial) and an unwed 17-year-old daughter pregnant by another high-schooler.

So is Ms. Quinn advocating women should stay home and raise children? That can't have careers and a family? hmmm, interesting.

This is a woman who took her children to the convention and paraded them on the stage, including Trig, (not in bed until late hours) and pregnant Bristol and her soon to be announced fiancé ("whatever"). This is a woman who then spent two months on the road, relentlessly campaigning, dragging the baby around with her (or not with her).

I like how she has both bases covered here...Palin is a horrible mother for "dragging her baby around with her" and she also is sure to criticize her for "not dragging her baby around" with her. Didn't Obama have his kids on stage almost every night of the DNC? Wasn't it past his young children's bedtime?

Yet when David Letterman made his remark about her daughter being knocked up, Palin blew it up into a national media fest which lasted for a week. Letterman rightly apologized, and acknowledged that he was not referring to her younger daughter but to Bristol. Palin knew that Letterman was making a joke about Bristol, but she still dragged poor Willow into the mud as well.

This is the most disingenuous piece of tripe. Palin dragged poor Willow into the mud? Seriously? That's how you saw that event play out? You acknowledge that Letterman RIGHTLY apologized, but Palin was wrong for saying something? Would he have RIGHTLY apologized if she had stayed silent? Was Letterman's comment acceptable or not? Would Ms. Quinn sit by silently while a late night comedian trashed her daughter with sexual jokes? Or does Palin's daughter deserve the harassment because she's...ya a mother you don't like?

I don't know what Palin has in mind. Maybe she'll run for President, maybe she won't. I couldn't care less.

Oh, but I think you do care. If you don't care, then why are you writing about her? Why not just ignore her. You can't make yourself relevant, only others can do that. And continuing to give attention and press to Palin only continues to make her relevant.

Of all the turds, Ms. Quinn is the shiniest.

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