Monday, July 27, 2009

Liberals Support Career Women

Liberals are always advocating for the rights of women. They constantly push for legislation that will "benefit" women, such as government paid daycare or forcing companies to give 1-2 years of paid leave to new mothers...because that's what they do in the more evolved societies...the societies that believe women should have a career and be a mother.

Liberals are constantly railing against the "glass ceiling" women encounter in the workplace. We heard all about the 18M cracks in the glass ceiling this last election.

We have heard over and over about how society limits a woman's ability to have choices in her life. Women should be allowed to fulfill their dreams and achieve their ambitions.

So I was surprised to find that in a survey about what Sarah Palin should do next in her career, 45% believe she should be a homemaker. How can that be? How can progressive liberals who have spent so much time marching, lobbying, and campaigning for the rights of women think Palin should stay at home and raise her kids? Can anyone explain this to me? This survey has to be wrong.

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