Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SHOCKER - Kids kicked out of whiteys pool are now suing whitey.

Remember the story of the kids who were kicked out of the private swim club out of fear they would "change the complexion of the pool"and turn the pool water from a cool, calming blue to a unnerving brown...they are now suing the private club. The private club is a small organization that can't handle a lawsuit.
"We don't have the money. We're just a small club. We're volunteers," she said. "I hope we can teach our children a lesson -- that you should admit errors. We should have done things differently. And if there are differences, we can overcome them."
And then there's this:
"The children are not doing well at all ... it's really coming to the surface how these children have been affected," she said. "They're asking questions [like] are they too dark to go into the pool?"
Right, lady...I smell some exploitation of young children taking place.

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