Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama is NOT a bully, Take 14

GM is pressuring its dealerships to lobby Congress in Obama's favor.
An arm of General Motors has asked surviving GM dealers to put in writing their opposition to bipartisan legislation that would restore franchise agreements to dealers the government issued pink slips to earlier this year, sparking accusations of “coercion” from one of the bill’s chief proponents.

The bill has momentum on Capitol Hill, but is not supported by the President. The Obama Administration said Wednesday reversing the closings would set a “dangerous precedent, potential raising legal concerns, to intervene into a closed judicial bankruptcy proceedings on behalf of one particular group at this point.”

In a July 6 letter obtained by the Washington Times the GM National Dealership Council’s Chairman Duane Paddock said the NDC “strongly opposes this bill” and “would appreciate your signature of support at the bottom where it is designated.” It requested recipients to fax the signed letter by 5pm the next day to the NDC.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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