Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tweeting Twitter Twandal

Someone hacked into Twitters' corporate system and got a hold of 300+ corporate documents and sent these documents to TechCrunch....who has decided to post some of these super secret inner workings of the Tweet World.

They have details of the Final Tweet reality show that was leaked back in May. It's even stupider than you imagined.

The pitch: four teams of “young entrepreneurs” battle with non-profit organizations to win a cash prize of $100,000. They’ll travel across the U.S. and live off “limited cash.”

“In this choose your own adventure type journey the players rely partially on the influence and knowledge of their twitter followers and supporters, the strength of their teamwork, and their ambition to advance them from spot to spot….. and bringing them one step closer to that final tweet…Teams will unite, squabble and laugh, looking forward to what Twitter Headquarters has up their sleeves. Twitter followers at home will live and play their journey as the teams document themselves by tweeting updates.”

This is what television programming has come to? Why hasn't this reality show genre died yet? I do have to say, however, I was very sad to see Love of RayJ end. That there was some high quality, gripping television.

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