Monday, July 6, 2009

Define white trash redneck for me

Meghan McCain just posted her latest me, me, me article and leaves us with this gem:

But it does complicate the dating scene. No matter who I’m with, no matter what the setting, the 2008 election and politics will always come up. Ever since my first Daily Beast column about dating, not much has changed. Unless you count my confessing to Stephen Colbert that I’m sexually active and the campy pickup lines that have followed. My personal favorite: “Meghan, I also love sex....and the Republican Party” followed by sending me an apple martini. For future reference, I drink Bud Light and whiskey. Hey, I’m still a red-state girl at heart.

Beer, whiskey and fornication.....Now how is it Sarah Palin is the white trash redneck of the Republican Party? And apparently classless, too.

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