Sunday, July 5, 2009

I will destroy you...I have mighty power

It is this type of arrogance that just annoys the crap out me. Max Blumenthal has a post at the daily beast, where he takes credit for Sarah Palin resigning her position:
On July 1, CBS reported that a story authored by me and journalist David Neiwert for in October 2008 about Palin's ties to a secessionist political party caused her deep personal distress, and provoked a rancorous series of exchanges with her campaign manager, Steve Schmidt. Coupled with a withering profile of Palin published in the August 2009 issue of Vanity Fair, the new round of exposés may have been too much for Palin to stomach.

Yes, it was your article written on July 1 that caused her to resign on the 3rd. I'm sure that is how it played out, all mightly blogger Blumenthal. I especially like how he goes into the "theory" that an investigation is being conducted on the Palin's and the building of their house. Mr. Ethics does manage to squeeze in there the evidence her attorney provided to disprove this....but it still didn't stop him from circulating rumors, like the responsible journalist he is.

What an ass.

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