Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This circus is not yet complete

Marion Barry just can't get a break...his ex-girlfriend, the one he was stalking, turned up at his press conference to yell at the press that he was lying. Here's a transcript of the event:

Barry Spokesman: ..she is currently under the care of a psychiatrist and has been diagnosed with Compulsive Behavior Disorder

Ex-girlfriend (heard from a distance): uh uh...Marion THOUGHT I compulsively wanted his dingleBarry's.

Barry Spokesman: ..she is being treated for depression

Ex-girlfriend: that man told me crack would bring about happy thoughts and make his dingleBarry's more attractive

Barry Spokesman: Marion is not Ms. Watts man, he...

Ex-girlfriend: I DIDN'T SAY HE WAS MY MAN. Bitch, you better back off before I get all up in yo face.

Barry Spokesman: Mr. Barry paid Ms. Watts $60,000 out of concern for her children.

Ex-girlfriend: Oh no he di' ant. He paid me $60,000 for sex. She lying.

Barry Spokesman: Mr. Barry did nothing wrong by hiring Ms. Watts. It is not uncommon for politicians to repay political favors, embezzle money, pay bribes or stalk women who have rejected them.

The only thing missing from this circus is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They were unavailable last night, as they were busy prying the gold plates off Michael Jackson's coffin.