Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hillary Duff to play Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain wants Hillary Duff to play her in her pretend movie, because Hillary is hot. And the book she is writing? Modeled after Tori Spellings book.... all hip and jazzy.

Wait, what?

Oh, and she's glad her dad didn't win the Presidency because then she would be like a Disney movie where the princess has guards all the time. And they're ugly. Because none of her Secret Service agents were cute and she can't have ugly guys protecting her. They need to be beautiful. With highlights in their hair. And the tight t-shirts were their nipples show. Cuz that's sexy. And gay.

I did hear her ugly security detail would dance for her. With a pointy hat. So that's gotta be worth something.

Oh, and she didn't get along with her Secret Service agents.

Whaaaaat? Princess Painintheass didn't get along with her Security detail? She has always stuck me as the totally agreeable type.

I still think this is the funniest Meghan McCain moment. The best part starts at 1:07:

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