Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OHHHHH.....I smell trouble

Especially when you have Helen Thomas asking this..
The point is the control from here. We have never had that in the White House. And we have had some control but not this control. I mean I'm amazed, I'm amazed at you people who call for openness and transparency and have controlled..." veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas said Wednesday.

Me thinks the Republicans might find a new love for Ms. Thomas if she keeps this up. They might even extend her a formal invitation to join the underground, super secret Vast Right Wing Conspiracy club. Will she accept? Will more of the WH press turn on the Obama administration? Will the Republicans still compare Ms. Thomas to a witch? Will Gibbs begin to wept silently to himself? Will Gov. Sanford share with us what his mistress smells like?

So many questions waiting to be answered.

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